VEIN is the multiplayer open-world zombie survival game you've been waiting for.

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What is VEIN?

VEIN is a post-apocalyptic survival multiplayer sandbox game.

In the near future, the apocalypse has occurred: hostile zombies roam the Earth, most people have died, and society has collapsed. You are a survivor.

Gather supplies to survive, explore abandoned buildings, combat bandits, defend your home, and rebuild society with friends.

Planned Features

  • Full Multiplayer

    Experience the world of VEIN with friends, with enemies, alone, or a combination of all three.

  • Dynamic Environment

    As time passes and seasons change, the world of VEIN does too. Persistent, large-scale random events affect gameplay.

  • Intelligent AI

    AI can see, hear, feel, and smell you. Terrifying zombie variants make survival that much more difficult.

  • Robust Inventory

    The post-apocalyptic world has useful supplies and valuable tools. Every item has a use.

  • Wide World

    Prepare for the freezing New York winter and the blistering New Mexico summer.

  • Usable Everything

    Open mailboxes, adjust faucets, and knock on doors. Throw a can of beans at a zombie if you like.

  • Fortification

    Build over the destroyed world and establish safehouses. Defend yourself from raiders and invasions. Maintain your base by yourself or with friends.

  • Long-Term Survivalism

    Hunt, fish, and trap. Till land and grow your own food. Chop your own wood. Once canned goods run out, you're on your own.

  • Cast of Characters

    Meet unique, dynamic, changing characters and accept rewarding jobs. There's work to be done in the post-apocalypse.

  • Trade & Barter

    More risk, more reward. Discover rare loot and trade with survivors for food, weapons, and medicine.

  • Vehicles and Maintenance

    Get around the world of VEIN with cars and trucks. Refuel, maintain, and upgrade your vehicle.

  • The Grid

    Fully simulated electrical, plumbing, and natural gas systems. Surprise friends by shutting off their power.


  • Can I play it?

    Yes! Click the button at the top of the website.

  • How much will it cost?

    We're releasing it completely for free for now. We'll charge for it later, when it's worth money. You can download it on Steam.

  • Why is it free right now?

    We're trying to get player feedback. We don't know what works or what doesn't work, and from feedback we can figure out what's fun and what's not fun, then fix the not fun parts.

  • How fast will updates come out?

    We're aiming for every few weeks while it's free. When it's paid, we're going to be updating a bit slower (we want to get it as perfect as possible).

  • How is VEIN developed?

    We are focusing primarily on a gameplay-first design over a graphics-first design. That means we want to prioritize getting features in regardless of if it looks perfect or feels smooth immediately. This lets us figure out what is fun and what isn't fun without a ton of investment in individual features.

    We're also focusing on an iterative design. This means we constantly accept feedback and develop the game as a community rather than as a developer-to-player one-way product. We like playing fun games and sometimes community members suggest ideas that would make the game better for everyone - so it's important that we treat you guys like we would the devs.

  • How is VEIN different?

    As above, we're trying to focus on gameplay-first. We use placeholders where necessary and add features without considering if they'd work in the future. Doing stuff fast like this means the community gets fun content quick, and it means if the content isn't fun, we can cut it quick.

    In VEIN, you can use every item. You can throw broccoli, vinyl records, and tin cans at zombies to try and kill them. You can shut off the power at junction boxes in your neighborhood, causing a blackout. You can kill a person with a thumbtack. You can eat enough Viagra to have a heart attack. You can drink bleach. All this is in the game already, with more being added every day.